Monday, 2 July 2012

Magical world of fungus

Even though am studying at hull college of art and design, i originally come from Lancashire.  i live on a farm up in the countryside near a town called Oswaldtristle. Around my farm their are a lot of woodlands around me. Here i have found all these different types of fungus by exploring the woods, i was really interested in their shapes and colours. I also found some really unusual fungus around my farm. I find these to be really inspirational and surreal so i have decided to take this theme into my final major project for my last year at university. 

 i found this type of fungus on a dying chopped up log which i found in one of my fields on my farm.

This black and white fungus is called dead mans fingers. It was growing on a log which my dad had in a shed.

here are some mushrooms and mold growing on rotting logs.

I found this to be the most unusual fungus that i found. At first i had no clue what it actually was so i decided to do some research about it. I found out that it was called jelly ear fungus and that it was actually edible to eat.  
I love the unusual colours in the fungus i found. The colours all seem to blend in really nicely together. 

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