Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sketchbook Work

Here is some of my sketchbook work from one of my past projects at university. This work comes from my end of year foundation degree in 2011. My theme was tropical flowers and I was aiming to make textile jewellery for my end of year show. Here you can see the stages I have took into creating my jewellery, starting off with drawings, art work then developing my work into jewellery designs.

 My main inspiration came from looking at lilies and orchids. Here I have used observation drawing and watercolours to capture their delicate petals and vibrant colours.

 For my art work I have used the silhouette of the flowers to create a range of different collages; combining bright colours, patterns, mark making and machine stitch.

 For my developing stage I took the best bits from my art work and started to create different jewellery designs. I decided to keep using the silhouettes of the flowers to help shape my design. I also wanted to create a symmetry pattern within my designs to give them more structure. 


 In my last year at university my first project was to pick one of the RSA briefs of 2012. I decided to pick the stamp brief which entitled me to create a number of different stamps representing Britain. Taking inspiration from two photographers called Richard Billingham and Martin Parr who look into the way true families are like in Britain, I wanted to represent Britain in the way that it is actually seen today.

 So I decided to combine the traditional culture of Britain to the modern culture. This consists of television programs, famous celebrities and the way people act and speak in Britain today.

My stamps are made up of silhouettes of different characters and objects which have been hand stitched to give a more pleasant appeal. 

In this stamp I have used Mrs Buckets from Keeping up appearances. Instead of her speaking politely I have used slang talk which we use in Britain toady.
·         Av it is sort for have it

·         I also looked into children’s cartoons such as the wombles and wallice and gormit.
·         All of my stamps had to have the Queen’s head on and the amount the stamp was worth.

Altogether I think that my stamps are quirky and fun, Enjoy!!!!